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What should I do if the magnetic separator motor is hot and the sound is abnormal?

Some users have said that the magnetic separator supplier motor is overheated, and sometimes the sound will be abnormal. Today, we will summarize the causes and solutions for the problem.
We know that the motor plays an important role in the operation of the magnetic separator. Noise and temperature are important indicators for detecting whether the motor of the magnetic separator is normal. Therefore, it is normal for the magnetic separator to understand the abnormality of the motor of the magnetic separator and its abnormal sound. Work is very necessary.
The main reason and solution for the overheating of the magnetic separator motor and its abnormal sound:
Reasons: 1) Bearing lubrication is poor or wear is serious;
Solution: If the lubrication is poor, you need to check if the lubrication is not in place or leaking oil, and if you need to change the oil. If the bearing is worn out, you need to replace it with a new one.
Reason: 2) Fan blades fall off or wear out;
Solution: Check the condition of the fan, overhaul or more to eliminate the effects.
Cause 3) Poor contact of the switch circuit, or single-phase disconnection;
Solution: Check whether the entire circuit of the motor is normal and repair the faulty line.
Reason: 4) The voltage is too low.
Solution: Adjust the voltage until it is suitable.

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