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Canan Printer Support Number

PRINT:Print Amount that is Based on ISO/IEC 24734 - Information Color (ESAT/Simplex): Roughly. 4.0 ipm; Information B/W (ESAT/Simplex): Roughly. 8.0 ipm
Maximum Posting Resolution4800 (horizontal) x 600 (vertical) dpi
Print Head/Ink Type: FINE Cartridge; Extensive wide range of Nozzles: Complete 1280 nozzles; Ink Droplet Dimension (minimum): 2 pl; Ink Cartridge: PG-745, CL-746 (PG-745XL)
Canan laptop computer pc laptop computer or computer or laptop computer or computer computer computer printer specifications :
Printable Width:Up to 203.2 mm (8); Defined Posting - Top margin: 3 mm, Platform margin: 16.7 mm, Left/Right margin: Each 3.4 mm (LTR/LGL: Left: 6.4 mm, Right: 6.3 mm)
Recommended Posting Area:Top Margin: 31.6 mm, Platform Margin: 29.2 mm
Paper Size:A4, A5, B5, LTR, LGL, 10.16 x 15.24 cm (4 x 6), 12.7 x 17.78 cm (5 x 7), Contains (DL, COM10), Custum sizing (Width: 101.6 - 215.9 mm, Length: 152.4 - 676 mm)

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