Character Art Exchange

Friendship is a timely

Friendship is a timely rain in the early spring, driving away the cold wind of Lingren, nourishing the earth, and everything can be rejuvenatedlittle bottle of water, don't have a few charms!as the sixth grade of elementary school. The school organized a military training activity in order to train us to work hard, be tenacious, unite and cooperate.the first day of the first day, the sun seemed to be extraordinarily diligent, climbed up early, stretched out, and waved a beautiful morning glow. The flowers and plants that had been favored were lazy and straight, and the gentle spring breeze passed through the grass. The grass is swaying in the moist air.l, bell, bell! A burst of emergency whistle sounds like a thunder broke the quiet atmosphere, the brain screamed, really sleepy! What time is it, I complained with my eyes closed. To the clock, suddenly, I saw the classmates open the quilt []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], rolled over and got up, grabbed the hat []Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], picked up the shoes, slammed their feet, picked up the prepared water bottle, and rushed to the meeting place. I stayed for a while, but I was not willing to show weakness. Just grabbed the water bottle and flew to join the torrent of the collection []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url].about 5 minutes, we all stood at the meeting place []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], ready to go, waiting for the head to issue the departure order. The head of the party counted the number and announced the start. The blazing sun of the sun opened the curtain, and our class took a neat step and swaggered forward. Everyone shouted the slogan, and made a sound of heart, interpreting the movements that were tough, strong, and united. In front of our thrilling team, the majestic Mount Tai is also eclipsed.nsciously, the Chaoyang has become a raging sun, and a fierce array of hot arrows hit the stars like the sea. The flowers and plants have slowly lowered their heads, and the bright luster has converged a lot. In the 30-minute journey, the sweat on my forehead slowly hangs down, and the short-haired girl is out of breath []Cigarette Online[/url]. Bell, bell! When I finally got to the rest time, the students rushed out like a fly, and took the water bottle and took a drink. I lifted the water bottle directly, swallowing the sweet and sweet water with a big mouth, so I was so hearty! Tick, ticking! Oops, no water, I took a shot of my head, it was only half a bottle of water yesterday! What should I do now? about a minute, the whistle sounded. The team continues to move forward.hey, I am struggling to take every step, and I am getting sweaty. Efforts to raise my head, two flames instantly stabbed my eyes, the brain suddenly empty, it seems that only the sly, sly footsteps, everything stops at this moment. I don't know how long it took, the eyes were empty and the face was rosy, slightly purple, and it seemed to be "head". I don't know how long it took, and the crisp whistle sounded. When the nerves were loose, I slammed on the ground and seemed to be dizzy. Xiao Ming discovered my abnormal situation. Everyone raised the water bottle and slowly twisted the pebbled bottle cap. It was like a sly rich man, and he was still in a state of reluctance. But in an instant, there was a trace of firmness in the eyes, striding forward, screaming, the water was like a mischievous doll, rolling a few laps, falling down, splashing a mischievous little splash, and we were shocked by the forehead. Cold sweat, fortunately, a false alarm, the water hit the bottle wall. In the blink of an eye, it became a full bottle of water. Although I wanted to swallow the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, I still tasted it slowly. It was a sweet and strong taste!

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