Character Art Exchange

It was a warm afternoon

Difficulties are everywhere. In this dim world, it is only through difficulties and constant tempering that we can survive in this already dim world Cheap the poor so poor? Why are the rich so rich? The poor are looking forward to being able to get rich all day, so they go all out to fight hard all day, and the rich think that money can solve all problems all day long, and all the chores of the house do not touch every day, even their sons and grandchildren think so. But their connections are good and everything is measured by money. In my eyes, the poor and the rich have the same wealth. son of the poor son knows that his family is poor and has experienced many difficulties. So they worked hard to overcome the difficulties, but their connections were not good and no one was willing to deal with the poor. The grandsons of the rich sons do not work hard, do not fight hard, they will only escape when they encounter difficulties, and their connections are very good. Many people are willing to associate with actually a big country, and its connections are as important as the air. Business contacts are a compulsory course for each of us. This book is an easy-to-read, most practical textbook for you. Teach you to be different from the first contact with the business card, leaving an indelible impression and a strong atmosphere; let you understand the layout, design, and effort to be a network!example: You helped someone to complete a very complicated thing. Originally you wanted him to owe you a debt.he wants to use money to settle, and he doesn't want to go with you anymore. He doesn't want to owe you, you just want to owe him. can tell him that in the process of dealing with this matter, you have gained growth that has never been seen before. Because things are so complicated, you have a deeper understanding of the rules of society. He is the one who influences your views on this society Newport Cigarettes Price. Thank you, so I am willing to invite him to dinner and chat.this way, you are connected again to lay the foundation for further contact. people may ask if it is not poor and rich? Then, the only way to survive in this dark world: only the book "Books can change the fate" is not bad. Reading is the most useful in this dim world, but: of all, you are not Niu Gensheng, nor Ma Yun. There is no particularly high IQ and emotional intelligence. Only reading is your only way out. What does the society look at now? A look at the education, the second look at the network. People, no ink, stand firm? Even if you are a high-ranking government official (of course, do not rule out Hu, Wen Zhiliu), you can't take people's hearts. There is ink, no pulse, yes, but you have to learn to do things is still the biggest way for Chinese people Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. If you want to have a career, you don't have a high degree of education, or wisdom and knowledge. It is very difficult. Of course, the exception of IQ is not ruled out. But also pay attention to interpersonal communication at the same time, he often plays a big role Parliament Cigarettes.knowledge and connections are connected. For example, if you are a Beijing University student, then it is inevitable that you will deal with you in the top of society, and the network will be good. If you are a secondary school and the basics of dealing with you are the bottom of society, then the network will not be awkward. There is a certain connection among them Marlboro Cigarettes Price.

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