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Greatly extend the service life of cobblestone sand making machinery

ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd.'s cobblestone sanding machinery can be used for dry and wet crushing. It is suitable for fine crushing of medium-hard and brittle stones in mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highways, and combustion. It is a large-scale cobblestone sand making machinery that integrates production and quality.
The cobblestone Sand Making Machine adopts advanced manufacturing technology, which not only has good wear-resistant parts, but also can realize one-time feeding molding and high production efficiency. The discharge granularity can be adjusted, no flakes, uniform particle size, and the maximum weight of cobblestone sand making machinery is 1200 tons at the highest.
The progress of the cobblestone sanding machinery and equipment industry is inseparable from the support and opinions of many users. The continuous development of cobblestone sanding machinery and equipment has incorporated the experience and experience of many users.
Cobblestone sand-making machinery equipment has been continuously improved and designed and optimized according to the actual use of the user, which has the advantages of high crushing ratio, large output, low energy consumption and the like. Compared with the same production of cobblestone sanding machinery, not only the investment cost is reduced by 45%, but also the production cost is reduced by more than half. Compared with the wet material and soil-containing working environment, the no-strip type reduces the clogging and adhesion caused by the tamper-type crusher, reduces the wear of the wear parts, reduces the crushing cost by about 35%, and is cost-effective. The performance makes this series of cobblestone sanding machinery equipment the first choice for the crushing sand making machine industry.
At the same time, ZENITH, a manufacturer of cobblestone VSI Sand Making Machine and equipment, has also introduced advanced experience from abroad. It has become a traditional concept to change the domestic heavy-duty machine and light fittings of cobblestone sand-making machinery and equipment. While paying attention to the quality of cobblestone sand-making machinery and equipment, it has continuously upgraded its accessories. The quality has greatly prolonged the service life of cobblestone sand making machinery.

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