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Sand machine common fault solution

With the increasing market demand for artificial sand and gravel, Sand Making Machine have also been widely used. Users should have a simple understanding of some of the faults that often occur in sand making machines. There must be a reasonable solution in the event of a fault so that it does not affect the operation of the entire production line. SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is here to introduce the following points for everyone:
1. The sand making machine should be operated without material inside. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt out because the starting pressure of the motor is too large. Therefore, before starting the sand making machine, it is necessary to determine that there is no material inside.
Second, any crusher has its applicable range, and the sand making machine is no exception. If the material is too large, it will block the feeding port of the sand making machine and affect the work of the entire production line. Therefore, make sure that the material is within the range of the size of the breakable material.
3. After a long period of operation, the Vsi crusher for sale is easily damaged due to wear and other reasons. Therefore, the user should do the maintenance work of the sand making machine and prolong the service life of the sand making machine.
4. Severe exercise sometimes loosens the screws on the sand making machine. Therefore, the user should always check the screws to ensure that the machine can work safely and smoothly.

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