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Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard had 59 catches and two touchdowns in 11 games last season and most of that productivity came while he was lining up in the slot.

Shepard had 51 of his catches and both touchdowns while lined up in the slot and all 10 of his touchdowns over the last two seasons have come from that spot in the formation. While he saw 25 percent of his snaps on the outside last year [url=]L. P. Ladouceur Jersey[/url] , those other numbers suggest that using Shepard out of the slot would make the biggest use of his abilities.

Shepard is aware of that, but feels a bit differently about what he can do on the field.

ďThatís been that way since college,Ē Shepard said, via Jordan Raanan of 鈥淚 feel like Iíve proven that I can play outside and just try to handle my business. I know that I can play outside, and we will soon see.Ē

The Giants made heavy use of three-receiver sets in Shepardís two seasons with the team and more of the same could leave him with the same role even though there isnít a clear choice to play outside across from Odell Beckham. If the team tends toward more two-receiver formations [url=][/url] , something head coach Pat Shurmur did as offensive coordinator in Minnesota, Shepard should get plenty of chances to prove his point.

Bears linebacker Roquan Smith missed nearly three weeks of training camp due to a fight over the specific circumstances that would result in his future guarantees being voided. The Bears proposed broad language that would have voided guarantees if, for example, Smith had been suspended for violating the new helmet rule or for getting into a fight while defending himself or a teammate. Smith and his agents refused to accept this broad term.

A compromise finally has been reached.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, the two sides agreed to a specific formula that gives Smith protection against most of the potential incidents that would arise while he is in uniform and on a football field. As to anything that could happen during a play (for example [url=]Marcedes Lewis Jersey[/url] , lowering the helmet, unnecessary roughness, illegal hit on a defenseless receiver, roughing the quarterback), Smithís guarantees void only if the league office imposes a suspension of three games or more.

Smith can be suspended one or two games for a violation of the rules that apply during a given play with no consequence to his future guarantees. He can be suspended one or two games multiple times with no consequence to his future guarantees. Smith loses the guarantees only if a suspension of three or more games is imposed on him. (Over the last decade [url=]Randy Gregory Jersey[/url] , thatís happened to only one player: Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.)

As to a potential suspension arising from something happening after a play, Smithís guaranteed money will not void if heís suspended for one game for an incident that occurs while defending himself or a teammate. While itís possible that a disagreement could emerge ó and an arbitration may be needed ó as to whether Smith was or wasnít the aggressor in a given situation, the Bears yielded on their prior position that they should have discretion to decide whether to void guarantees based on a post-play incident. Instead, Smithís guarantees will void only if heís suspended two games for a post-play infraction, or if heís deemed to be the aggressor as to an incident resulting in a one-game suspension.

In the end [url=]Shawn Lauvao Jersey[/url] , the Bears found a way to keep the possibility of voiding the guarantees in play, and Smith received enough protection to make the possibility of an actual voiding of the guarantees unlikely. So itís a win-win. The only loss is that it took so long to get to this point.

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