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Do you still know about the disc feeder?

The disc feeder is composed of a driving device, a feeder body, a metering belt conveyor and a metering device. The feeder and the Vibratory Feeder For Stone Crushing are driven by a set of driving devices, and the electromagnetic clutch of the driving device has the functions of realizing the opening, stopping and function conversion of the feeder. The belt speed of the metering belt conveyor is less than 1 m/s, and a speed detecting device is provided for measuring the belt speed, and a detection rod is provided for adjustment to prevent the weighing roller from being skewed.
The disc feeder has a simple structure, reliable operation and convenient adjustment and installation. Today we will talk about the preparation and inspection of the disc feeder before operation:
1) Check if the fastening bolts are loose.
2) Check that the lubrication points of the disc feeder are good.
3) Check the tightness of the V-belt and the presence or absence of breakage.
4) Check if the coupling is good or not.
5) Check the shutter, scraper and adjusting screw rod, and the scraper must not touch the inner lining of the disc.
The disc feeder is a conventional silo discharge device. The disc feeder is easy to operate, can uniformly adjust the feeding amount and realize centralized control and automatic control of the production process, and can feed materials such as Vietnam stone crusher machine, bucket elevator, screening and the like. According to the performance requirements of the equipment, the pressure of the material on the disc should be minimized when the design is configured. Although the disc feeder has the disadvantages of heavy structure, large installation size and large power consumption, it still plays an important role in production because it can withstand the pressure of the warehouse, the operation is stable and reliable, and the feeding amount is easy to adjust.

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