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Breaking the machine price, which one has a long service life?

In the stone crushing industry, the commonly used stone materials are diamond, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, limestone, marble, dolomite, pebbles, river pebbles, etc., their hardness is very different, such as diamond, silicon carbide is the hardest stone, A slag crushing plant with good performance is required for crushing. The jaw crusher manufactured by ZENITH Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., composite broken, reversible counter-attack sand making machine, sand crushing machine, spiral sand washing machine, drum screen, crusher and other sand production line equipment are very good in the domestic market, and still perennial Sold at home and abroad.
The jaw crusher produced by ZENITH is made of high-quality materials, with great breaking strength and strength, good performance and professional Stone Crusher Equipment. In the whole machine, dynamic is the most important part, which directly affects the performance of the equipment. In this block, the machine is better, not only the efficient optimization design, but also the material. The use of harder and more wear-resistant materials can completely break the various hardness of the stone.
In addition, ZENITH machinery's smashing machine has PE series and PEX series, each series has many models, such as PE series with PE-400× 600, PE-1800× 2100, PEX series with PEX-150× 750, PEX-300× 1300, these two series are divided into large, medium and small specifications, you can choose at will. Their annual output is 400,000 tons, 600,000 tons, 700,000 tons, 1 million tons, 1.5 million tons, the price is also relatively low compared to the peer market, smashing the machine, welcome to ZENITH machinery to buy!

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