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How to improve the efficiency of construction waste crusher and obtain large capacity

High-capacity, high-efficiency equipment is pursued by every user, but in addition to the equipment itself, the operations in production are closely related to its efficiency. Taking the construction waste crusher as an example, the following production recommendations can improve efficiency and obtain large capacity to a certain extent.
1. Adjust the size of the closed side discharge opening to change the output.
The production of the construction waste crusher can be achieved by adjusting the size of the closed discharge opening.
When the size of the closed discharge port is larger, the higher the output of the construction waste crusher, the worse the quality of the finished product; on the contrary, the smaller the size of the closed discharge port, the smaller the output and the better the quality of the finished product, so the manufacturer can Adjust your actual needs.
2, the belt conveyor evenly feeds
When feeding, the belt conveyor is required to input materials evenly. The materials must meet the requirements of the broken materials of the construction waste crusher. Too much or too much feedstock will affect the production efficiency of the equipment;
In addition, the operator needs to pay close attention to the discharge of the discharge port of the construction waste crusher, control the speed of the belt conveyor, and ensure normal feeding and discharging.
3, good packed with feed
When installing the feeder, pay attention to the speed at which the ore enters the crusher and the corresponding drop relationship. Usually, due to the constant speed of the conveyor, the only drop height of the ore can be selected. At the same time as filling the mine, it should be noted that the feeding can not be used for a long time, and the height of the heap in the feeding device should be controlled.
4, reduce the mineral powder into the cylinder liner and extend the service life of the seal
Whenever the liner is replaced, check that the dynamic cone seal is intact. Under normal circumstances, when the wear gap between the dust seal ring and the slip ring is greater than 1.5mm, the dust seal should be replaced to prevent the mineral powder from entering the cylinder liner and causing damage to the spindle and other components.
5, the lubricant temperature should be balanced
Since the lubrication and heat dissipation of the main lubrication parts of the construction waste crusher such as the main shaft, the eccentric sleeve, the eccentric shaft, the frame bearing, the spindle adjustment piston, the sliding bearing surface, and the gear rotation are mainly dependent on the lubrication system, it is very suitable to select a suitable cooling device. important.
6, pay attention to the bolt seal of the dust seal slip ring
When the materials accumulated on the beam are not cleaned in time, the bolts of the fixed slip ring move relative to the stacked materials and cause the tail of the bolt to wear. If there is a problem with the fixing condition of the slip ring, careful technical inspection must be carried out to avoid the adverse consequences caused by the slip ring.

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