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Different types of superfine mills have different mesh numbers

The ultra-fine mill is a superfine mill powder machine with a high number of mills. The ultra-fine powder produced by this equipment is between 325-1800 mesh, and it is unexpected that the equipment can be produced at the time of production. It is very convenient to adjust the size of the finished product according to the production needs.
The main structure of the ultrafine mill equipment includes the main machine, the analysis machine, the blower, the finished cyclone, the motor and other components. The general production principle is not much different in the production process, and the equipment can be screened differently. Equipment such as crushing and crushing are used in different production lines.
The ultra-fine mill powder equipment has many different models. These different types of equipment have some gaps in the production line, which is not as good as the processing capacity of the equipment and the higher mesh count. This gives the customer when purchasing equipment. It has caused some troubles. I don't know which model of ultra-fine grinding machine should be selected. It is recommended that customers choose the time, in addition to factors such as the amount of processing, the number of meshes, and the frequency of replacement of wear parts. Investigate the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer to ensure that the manufacturer has sufficient strength to provide post-services to select equipment that is more suitable for its own production engineering.
Generally speaking, when purchasing equipment, you need to choose a more regular manufacturer, then describe your own needs to the manufacturer, and select the appropriate equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The difference between the different types of ultrafine mill is different from the finished product. In addition, the output of the equipment also has a certain gap, so the manufacturer also needs to select the production equipment of the appropriate output according to the construction period of the project.
The above article mainly introduces that different types of superfine mills have different mesh counts, which makes it difficult for customers to determine which model of superfine mill equipment is better when selecting. It is recommended that customers choose according to the needs of production engineering. The number of finished products and the output to select the appropriate production equipment.

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