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Operation and maintenance of ultra-fine mill in graphite production line

Ultra-fine grinding machine is often used in the process of graphite production. In the production line, due to the friction between the various parts of the equipment or the incorrect operation mode, it will cause certain damage to the equipment. To the service life of ultrafine mill powder equipment, and even bring a safety production accident. These are unfavorable for the production process, so the correct operation and maintenance of the ultra-fine mill in the graphite production line is very important.
Any kind of equipment has a standard operation, and the ultra-fine grinding machine is the same. Generally speaking, when the equipment leaves the factory, the manufacturer will guide the more standardized operation process of the equipment. The first is the inspection work before the equipment is turned on. Ensure that the doors and windows are tight to prevent safety failures when materials fly out of the equipment during work, and ensure that the equipment is started at no load. If any residual materials are found, they should be removed in time.
Then it is necessary to start the analysis machine of the ultra-fine grinding machine and make reasonable adjustments to the rotation speed of the motor in order to produce the materials that meet the requirements. The ultra-fine grinding machine must also make certain adjustments to the feeder when starting. Ensure that the dosing equipment is able to deliver evenly and quantitatively.
At this point, you can finish all the preparatory work of the ultrafine mill powder equipment before the official start-up. Start the equipment for production. Then you need to pay attention to the daily maintenance work of the equipment. Only do the equipment well while doing the operation. Maintenance work can ensure that the equipment is better served on the graphite production line.
The first is to make a comprehensive inspection of the equipment regularly and regularly. Add the lubricating oil properly. During the working process of the graphite ultra-fine grinding machine, if there is a blockage of the crushing chamber, the motor needs to be closed immediately, and all the materials inside will be closed. Turn the motor off again after clearing it.
In addition, the ultra-fine grinding machine powder equipment is generally scheduled for maintenance, and the wear parts of the equipment should be regularly checked. If there is damage, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal production process of the equipment.

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