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Ultra-fine grinding machine operation steps and precautions

Before the operation of the ultrafine mill, certain operating guidelines are required, which makes the machine better serve us. Then we have to follow the rules when we use it.
Before starting the mill, check that all access doors are closed and tight. Check whether the lining gap of the ultra-fine mill meets the feed size size, and adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the approximate product size. Do not refuel at random during normal work, to ensure production safety. When abnormal noise or sudden increase of load occurs in any part of the mill, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the malfunction to avoid a major accident. When starting up again, the excess material in the ultra-fine grinding machine must be taken out, otherwise the current will be too large when starting up, which will affect the start of the grinding machine.
For the operator: When using the ultra-fine mill, the operator must receive pre-employment technical training to ensure normal operation. Develop a “Safety and Maintenance System for Maintenance and Maintenance” to prepare the lubricants and parts required for machine maintenance. This is a necessary measure to ensure personal safety.
During use, it should also be ensured that it is regularly inspected and replaced with some wearable parts to ensure sufficient use of the lubricating oil and the bolts and nuts are in a tight state. When the grinding stick is used for more than half a month, it must be replaced, the rolling bearings should be cleaned regularly, the damaged parts should be replaced, and the grease gun can be used when adding lubricating oil. Manual refueling is also possible. The spindle of the ultra-fine mill is refueled twice a day, and the oil passage is cleaned regularly. The plum blossom frame should be filled with 50# mechanical oil. The bearing should be filled with 5# calcium-based grease every 10 days, and the analyzer should be cleaned only once in February. Also add 5# calcium based grease.
When using it, be careful not to prevent the metal block from entering the machine, so as not to damage the ultra-fine powder machine. When feeding the mill, the size of the raw materials should be controlled, and the diameter should be 15~20mm, and evenly put into the mill. Adjust the gap between the hammers of the mill according to the actual situation, adjust the analyzer to keep the machine in good condition. When the remaining wall thickness of the grinding ring of the mill is not more than 10mm, it must be replaced.

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