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There is a beauty in

The embarrassing pandas are cute, the tigers with claws and claws are mighty, but the clever and naughty monkeys are more ft day, we just entered the Hangzhou Zoo and went straight to the place where the monkeys were raised. I saw dozens of dexterous monkeys squatting there, or swinging leisurely, or chasing each other in groups of three or five, or scratching their heads and looking around Marlboro Red. There is a monkey king standing on the top of the hill. It is really awe-inspiring. As long as the monkey king wants it, the monkeys must listen Parliament Cigarettes. Hey, there was a monkey who got the food. The Monkey King saw it and immediately clawed his teeth and said that he would give food to himself. The monkey did not agree. As a result, the Monkey King commanded the monkeys to rush and put the monkey on the nose and face, which was a bloody lesson.most interesting thing is to count the monkeys to eat. People have thrown away a lot of food Newport 100S, and the monkeys swarmed up and rushed to grab food. It is really difficult for the weak to want to eat. I saw a little monkey grabbed a piece of candy. When I was about to eat it, it was fun to climb a tree with a monkey! I saw a monkey climbing a 20-meter-high tree. He grabbed the big tree with one hand and then climbed up with the other hand. The movement was very sturdy, and he climbed to the top with a blink of an eye Newport Cigarettes Website. With the tail hooking the branches, I came up with an upside down golden hook. It seemed to say to the passing pedestrians: "You humans can be stupid. Even this big tree can't climb. See how powerful I am. I climbed to the tree in a few minutes. At the top, you should worship me as a teacher." It is really fun to look at er leaving the zoo, my mind appeared from time to time in the mind of the monkey Cigarettes For Sale. Monkeys are really a fun animal!

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