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A tree is vigorous

There is a beauty in life that is often overlooked by us. This kind of beauty is a kind of beauty that is moist and quiet, and it has an endless aftertaste; this kind of beauty is a kind of beauty that is faint in the side, and it is hidden. This kind of beauty brings warmth to life and makes life full of sunshine Marlboro Gold. This kind of beauty is the beauty of harmony. It is always around us, but few people pay attention to it and cherish ihat is harmony? I remember a book that said Cigarettes Cheaper, "and", a "he" on the left, a "mouth" on the right, as the name suggests, everyone has food to eat, everyone can live a good day. "Harmony", one "word" on the left and one "all" on the right Marlboro Lights, everyone has the right to express their opinions, everyone has equality, dignity, independence and freedom. "harmonious". Always pay tribute to you in yourid that harmony is around, and if you pay attention, you will find that in my life, too. A small thing, perhaps, is a sign of harmoniousng the Wenchuan Earthquake, the school launched our donation. Our class cadres immediately began to get busy. On the day of the donation, the students were one hundred, I was fifty, and one envelope was thrown in. I saw one. The heart full of love, it is this love, so that the school's hundreds of thousands of donations can give a little power to Wenchuan compatriots, so that all corners of society are filled with a harmonious atmosphere. Let everyone live in a harmonious environeauty of harmony, it is integrated into the ordinary life of the rain, it will never fall down because of fame and fortune, only in the life of indifferent fame and fortune, he will appear and bring people good. Why is the seagull so free over the sea, just because it is not to show flying skills, but to enjoy the joy of flying; why the kayak can be so happy in the stream, just because it is not to show off its own skills, but to enjoy Happy drifting Carton Of Marlboro Reds. In fact, everything is the same, as long as you treat with an ordinary heart, you will eventually find out youeautiful because of harmony, and harmony is forever and everlasting. This is the revelation brought to me by the spring of harmony. As long as you live with ordinary life and enjoy life that is not for fame and fortune Marlboro Cigarettes Online, you will find that sometimes you enter into a world of harmonious creation and composition!

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