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Benefits of Raymond machine suspension roller rolling air selection

There are many kinds of Ore Milling Equipment. Many users don't know that the advanced method of adjusting the fineness does not need to pass the screen to control the fineness. The traditional method of using the screen to control the fineness is easy to cause the powdery blockage to be severe, which will also affect the stable operation of the equipment affected by the output. The method of adjusting the fineness adopted by the Raymond machine is the wind selection. The purpose of adjusting the fineness is achieved by the control machine and the control of the air volume. This method is highly efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and does not cause blockage of the equipment, and the fine powder yield is high. The sieve rate is high. Raymond machine is the equipment for hanging roller rolling air selection. This equipment is convenient for energy saving and adjustment fineness. Because it is a sealed positive and negative pressure device, it is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. According to the number of grinding rollers, Raymond can be divided into three series of 3R, 4R and 5R models. According to the different powers of the models, the output is different and the size is different, but the processing fineness is the same. The types of materials processed are the same. raymond mills are suitable for processing a wide variety of ores, and there are many other materials suitable for processing. The range of applications is wide, and friends often process ore grinding. As a production type of milling equipment, the investment cost of the machine is not large, easy to use and easy to maintain, and you can quickly recover the cost, so that you can make a lot of money, this is not to be considered. The power consumption of the machine is not high. If it is equipped with a fully automatic production line, only one person can be produced normally, which can greatly save the investment of human resources and personnel. Investigate the Raymond machine, welcome to the professional manufacturer SBM Machinery Company to inspect, professional quality assurance.

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