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If the sand making machine motor fails, it must not be repaired blindly

There are many reasons for the failure of the sand making machine motor. SBM sand making machine experts remind you not to blindly repair it yourself. Maintenance of the sand making machine motor must follow certain principles.
Usually, the sand machine motor malfunctions prematurely, mostly because of improper operation. After the customer buys back the sand making equipment, the customer can't wait to start production. I can't wait to recover the investment cost within one day, but it is not a wish, in the sand making. In the process, the sand making machine equipment often fails due to human factors. Today, our SBM will give you a detailed explanation of the normal maintenance method of the sand making machine motor. User friends can pay more attention to learning.
After years of production experience and materials collected from users, our technical experts have summarized the abnormal treatment plans commonly encountered by sand making machines into the following four steps:
First, remove the external connection line of the new sand making machine motor and do the marking treatment at the same time;
Secondly, use the tools supplied by the sand making machine manufacturer to disassemble the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to add some lubricating oil in the gap between the motor shafts of the pulley to make it penetrate and lubricate for easy disassembly. . For motors equipped with rolling bearings, the bearing cover should be removed first, then the end cap fastening screws should be loosened, and the joints between the end cover and the base housing should be marked. The screws for the removed end caps will be removed. Screw in the two screw holes on the motor end cover and push the end cap out.
Then, when removing the sand making machine motor with the brush, the brush should be taken out from the brush holder. To remove the DC motor, the position of the brush neutral line should be marked;
After extracting the rotor of the new sand making machine, care must be taken not to damage the stator coil. If the weight of the rotor is not large, it can be pulled out by hand. Firstly, the two ends of the rotor shaft are sheathed with a lifting wire rope to lift the rotor with lifting equipment, and slowly removed, taking care to prevent the coil from being damaged. Then, a steel pipe is placed on one end of the shaft. In order to prevent the steel pipe from scratching the journal, a thick cardboard is placed on the steel pipe to continuously remove the rotor. When the center of gravity of the rotor has moved outside the stator, at the rotor shaft end Under the support of a bracket, the wire rope is placed in the middle of the rotor, and the rotor can be completely extracted.
In summary, it is the correct maintenance method for the sand making machine motor that our company summarizes. It is the easiest maintenance method at present. If some users encounter problems that cannot be solved by themselves during maintenance, they can immediately call our company's helpline. , our SBM mine is dedicated to serve you.

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