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The Good News for Fortnite Fans

The four-player sandbox mode, which allows players to practice and train together without the constant danger of being killed off or otherwise assaulted by , will return following this new planned maintenance period with a swath of new features. Epic Games has supported via Reddit article that 1v1s, 2v2s, staff selection, controller aim assist, the ability to edit others' constructions, teammate highlighting while about the map, traps that correctly affect both enemies and teammates, and pickaxe damage is coming from the next iteration of Playground mode.

The Playground LTM represents our first step into what a full creative mode looks like in Fortnite,Epic Games stated in its announcement through Reddit, and it surely looks like the game is well on its way there, even if the manner can stay online long enough for gamers to check it out. Regrettably, there is no planned return for Playground mode, therefore it may be down for quite a while.

Formerly, Epic Games had confirmed via Reddit article the team is"working on a version" where Playground could be kept as a regular"manner," rather than a limited-time alternative.

For now, if you would like to spend some time in Playground mode, you will need to wrap things up ahead of when the plug is pulled on July 12. Hopefully its recurrence will go without a hitch this time.

Xbox Live is down, so play Fortnite in your Switch instead

Xbox Live has connectivity problems tonight, July 9, and preventing gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10 to get linked to certain games and services. Microsoft has not upgraded its status website yet, but gamers have taken to societal media to whine about the outage.

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