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Through the long and

Through the long and winding summer, the golden autumn Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I am immersed in the quietness of the autumn. It is not a blossoming spring, not a splendid summer, not a winter covered in silver, but a quiet and gloomy season, such a season of hibiscus blossoms and falling people like the Bohai Sea, where the waves are surging. Some people like the beautiful and bright flower fields, but I have stopped watching for the autumn leaves. This is by no means a sparse shrub Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I think it would be a boulevard. The tall trees are slightly cluttered, the trunks are not as straight as the poplars, and the lush branches stretch and stagger. The luxuriant leaves reveal a little white that appears to be smudged, obscuring the line of sight looking at the sky Online Cigarettes, only to see a few blues. on such an autumn day, the clean sunlight passes through the gap between the branches and leaves, and the light and shadow that is mottled into a ground, flickering in the wind, looming. The white gold light moves along the branches and leaves, drawing a bright golden boundary for the leaves. Reflecting the sun, the leaves show a somewhat transparent texture, and even the tangled light brown veins can be seen. The fallen leaves are so leaping and falling, like the last dance of the dying butterfly in the wind, or elegant, free and easy, or sorrowful Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, or relieved, smashing all life, dancing Desperate, and finally draw a beautiful arc, falling to the ground, only the thin wings are shaking in the sorrow, can no longer fly.ry leaf is an autumn fairy tale. Picking up a leaf, like picking up a piece of memory. The fingertips rubbed against the leaves, the rough surface, as if who heard the soft voice in the ear, it seems that the new clusters of the "cluster" of the epidermis, the "sand" sound of the green leaves colliding with each other, the leaves that have already been withered The moment of "squeaky" that leaves the branches carries the feelings of the past and precipitates the embarrassment of the future. This is a grand tribute, the aging leaves are dedicated to their bodies, smashed in the earth, welcoming the new vitality of the coming year Newport Cigarettes Price. Every year, every year, the cycle is repeated. So sacred, so solemn.y sniffing the breath of autumn, it seems that there is aroma of earth, light wood, and there seems to be a faint scent of fallen leaves... countless kinds of flavors, mixed together, has become a kind of unclear taste This taste is like a French broth. The seemingly simple and transparent soup actually mixes the essence of various ingredients. This kind of feeling feels like it can't be felt, and the atmosphere of endlessness is autumn. Perhaps, autumn is why it makes people sink into it and can't extricate themselves. It seems to be a thousand emotions, but it is not a name.

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