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What is the maximum output of the VSI sand making machine?

How many tons of sand is produced in the largest model of VSI sand making machine in one hour? What is the effect of stone shaping of VSI sand making machine?
VSI's new sand making machine, also called VSI vertical shaft impact type sand making machine or VSI impact type sand making machine, is a new generation of sand making machine developed by Chinese customers by introducing advanced foreign technology and combining the characteristics of Chinese stone materials. At present, the world's most advanced high-performance sand making equipment is produced in China. What is the maximum output of the VSI sand making machine?
VSI sand making machine specifications mainly include VSI7611 sand making machine, VSI8518 sand making machine, VSI9526 sand making machine and VSI140 sand making machine. The VSI1140 sand making machine is the most processed sand making machine in the VSI sand making machine. The VSI sand making machine is advanced in design and combines various feeding modes and various sand making principles. The working mode of the sand making machine can be divided into complete center feeding and center feeding with waterfall feeding; VSI1140 sand making machine, the whole center feeding processing capacity is 225t/h-260t/h, waterfall and center The feed processing capacity is between 450t/h and 520t/h.
Compared with domestic similar products, our new VSI sand making machine from SBM has higher output, good grain shape, low cost and more powerful functions. This machine is specially designed for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing plants, and is the first choice for artificial sand and stone shaping. SBM VSI1140 sand making machine, large sand stone production line and high-end stone production line are the preferred stone shaping sand making machine.

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