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Selection of dust removal equipment in sand production line

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the demand for aggregates for sand and gravel, the business of large and small stone yards and sand making machine has also become increasingly prosperous. A large amount of dust pollution will occur during the production of artificial sand aggregate, which will not only pollute the environment but also affect the lives of nearby residents. How can we minimize dust pollution and achieve green sand production? Choosing the right dust collector device is the key. Various types of dust collectors are used, such as gravity dust collectors, inertial dust collectors, centrifugal dust collectors, bag dust collectors and particle layer dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators, magnetic dust collectors, and pulse dust collectors. So what type of dust collector equipment is suitable for stone yards and sand fields? Here we have a detailed analysis for you.
Pulse bag dust collector equipment is the most widely used dust collector equipment in stone yard and sand making machine, and it is also the best equipment for dust removal. The dust collector is widely applicable to the purification of dust-containing gas and the recovery of dust materials in the food, pharmaceutical, feed, metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, power, and light industry industries. The new-type pulse bag filter has advanced design. After continuous improvement, it has made great progress in purifying dust-laden gas. Due to advanced ash cleaning technology and greatly improved air-blanket ratio, it has a large processing volume and small footprint. High purification efficiency, reliable work, simple structure, and small maintenance. Dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%. It is a mature, relatively complete and efficient dust removal equipment.
The dust collector equipment adopts the upper bag-raising method. After the bag is removed when the bag is replaced, the dirty bag is put into the lower hopper of the box and removed from the manhole to improve the bag replacement operating conditions. The box body adopts airtight design with good sealing performance, excellent sealing material for inspection doors, leak detection with kerosene in the production process, and low air leakage rate. The inlet and outlet air ducts are compactly arranged and the air flow resistance is small. It is currently the preferred equipment for dust collectors in industries such as mines, stone yards, and sand blasting fields.

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