Character Art Exchange

The normal pack segment works just following

The weak point of the map. He's as weak as you'd expect. His elevated balance and agility help him a bit in a few scenarios, but complete, you can not expect to continue to defenders or anything similar to this. If they reach you, you eliminate the ball. Additionally, because he is so modest, he will not win you some headers... ever.

Again, really, what you'd expect when studying the map statistics. Just really good. I struggled a bit with all the instructions to him and discovered his position to be the very best, with the education of the goal man . Not to keep defender, but to find the ballturn and proceed with the game and utilize his outstanding skills (shoot, dribble, over).

If you're looking for something cheap (at least for what you buy ) players together with clinical end, brilliant dribbling, and good passing play, he is the man for you, provided that it is possible to handle his low intensity and weak thoughts. But if you want a fast, nimble dribbler... go for this. You will not be sorry.

Its a great oppurtunity to recieve an wonderful player!

How it works: You either go to the special packs section or the normal section.Here you are able to buy any package you would like from 15k around 1.2million. A TOTW pack wil comprise a bonded TOTW participant of that week. Its a fantastic oppurtunity to recieve an amazing player!

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