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Tailings vertical mill production line tailings bricks capable equipment

The tailings vertical roller mill production line can produce 325 mesh tailings powder, and the specific surface area of ​​ground tailings powder is ≥ 420m2/kg. Different types of tailings vertical mill (slag vertical mill) can be selected according to the characteristics of the tailings, such as HLM vertical milling machine. Tailings vertical mill is a useful equipment for tailings brick making. This article focuses on the tailings vertical mill, because of the current order volume of this mill, more manufacturers of tailings powder manufacturers purchase. The price is still quite high.
SBM has many types of tailings pulverizers, and the specific surface area of ​​tailings fines that can be produced is ≥ 420m2/kg, and the output ranges from 1 to 600 tons. The price of vertical mills is determined by the fineness and yield of tailings. Host model, and configure different tailings powder crusher, feeder, hoist, air compressor, dust collector and other ancillary equipment.
A tailings powder
The portion of the products of the sorting operation in the beneficiation that has a lower content of target components and cannot be used for production is called tailings. Tailings are treasures to be tapped. Experts believe that the current task of China's mining circular economy is to develop and utilize a large amount of tailings that have been put on hold for a long time.
Second, the use of tailings Tailings use
Tailings brick production Building materials is one of the main ways to use tailings, and it is also an industry supported and encouraged by the state. It has broad prospects for development. There are tailings, unburned bricks, non-sintered tailings, iron tailings powder utilization.
The tailings milling vertical milling machine HLM vertical milling machine is equipped with tailings iron removal equipment, and the tailings mill vertical roller mill in the HLM vertical milling machine can be highly efficient grinding. Tailings mill vertical mill grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large particle size, product fineness is easy to adjust, equipment process is simple, small footprint, low noise, dust, use and maintenance is simple, low operating costs, resistance Less material consumption, etc. . SBM recommends the use of the HLM vertical mill tailings vertical mill as a tailings grinding facility. This type of tailings vertical mill is used by many tailings manufacturers. Customer feedback is very good.
Third, the price of tailings vertical mill production line
SBM's tailings pulverizer production line upgrades the process flow of tailings powder. The entire tailings ultra-fine mill production line powder integrated tailings powder coarse breaking, tailings powder iron removal, tailings milling machine drying Dry, tailings mill pulverizer dosing, tailings pulverizer grinding and pulse efficient dust collection and other functions, so that tailings mill pulverizer production process is simple, low cost, using PLC control, greatly save the mill The labor cost of the powder production line. Therefore, the price of tailings pulverizer is quite high in terms of cost performance.
Tailings Mill Vertical mill famous manufacturer SBM provides better tailings crusher, tailings vertical milling machine, tailings powder packaging machine and other products and after-sales service for each tailings powder production plant customers, to create greater The market value creates a stable profit for the company.
The price of tailings pulverizer is closely related to the type of tailings mill pulverizer. The model selection depends on the fineness and yield requirements of the tailings. The tailings are determined by the fineness of the tailings and the yield. Powder mill selection.

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