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Sand making machine is widely used in the re-election process of antimony ore

There are many methods for the beneficiation of ores, such as flotation, re-election, and hand-selection. No matter which kind of ore dressing technology is adopted, thorium ores need to be crushed and ground. The new type of sand making machine produced by our SBM is the best equipment for crushing ore.
Tantalum is a mineral that contains metal strontium. The use of antimony ore is mainly used to produce antimony products. The use of lanthanum as a component of other alloys can increase its hardness and strength. Such as battery plates, bearing alloys, printed alloys (type letters), solders, cable sheaths and bullets contain helium. Lead-tin-bismuth alloy can be used as sheet metal stamping die. High-purity germanium is a doping element of semiconductor silicon and germanium. One of the main uses of bismuth is bismuth white (bismuth trioxide), which is an important raw material for enamel, paint white pigments and flame retardants. Strontium sulfide (bisulfur pentasulfide) is a rubber red pigment. Raw oysters (bisulfur trisulfide) are used to produce matches and smoke agents.
We took the method of re-election of the Yankuang ore beneficiation process as an example to explain in detail the extensive application of the SBM new sand making equipment in iron ore beneficiation.
Re-election is suitable for most beryllium ore beneficiation because of the high-density, coarse-grained minerals that are easily separated by using re-election and gangue. In short, whether it is a single yttrium sulfide or sulfide-oxidation mixed yttrium ore, it has better re-election conditions. With low re-election costs, a large number of qualified coarse-grained concentrates can be selected within a relatively coarse-grained range, and a large amount of waste rock is discarded. Therefore, the re-election method is still a method that the ore benefactors are willing to adopt. Tantalum re-equipping equipment mainly refers to the jig, and sometimes it also uses a shaker.
Before the re-election of cesium ore, it needs to go through many processes such as crushing and grinding. SBM's new sand making machine equipment can effectively crush finely divided iron ore, improve the production efficiency of the whole clinker ore crushing process, and then increase the overall benefit of the entire Jelly ore beneficiation production line. From the production efficiency and cost of thorium ore, the adoption of SBM's new sand making machine (sand blasting machine) can effectively reduce production costs. Because the new type of sand making machine can provide smaller product size, from the overall process, using the stone paving principle to complete the main crushing task of iron ore is the most economical production method. SBM's new sand making machine has a simple structure, low cost, stable operation, and high efficiency and energy saving. The working noise is less than 75 decibels and less dust pollution. Widely used in iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, wood ore, lead and zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore and other special hard, medium hard and abrasive materials, fine crushing and coarse grinding operations. It is an ideal crushing equipment that is indispensable for major mineral processing production lines.

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