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There are thousands of

There are thousands of apps that have reached the summit of success today. It is no more surprising to see an app for everything. Be it a senseless game app or an app that accurately monitors heart rate Zane Gonzalez Jersey , the market is oozing with apps. You name it and they have an app for that too; a list organiser app or a app that can spy on someone, app market is successfully selling apps that at-times do not even make sense. So what unique do to make their app touch the peak of excellence? There are several reasons that make apps run productively in market. First and foremost the fact that smartphones are outselling personal computers and laptops as they can be carried in pockets and can be accessed even if the user is in a crowded bus. It is not shocking to see several people have their first web experience in a smartphone instead of a laptop or a computer. There was a research carried on several smartphone users using big as well as niche apps. The research studied the points or factors that could make or break the name and success of an app. here are the reasons that might be quite interesting for people who have already launched their apps or for app designers who are planning to create business apps:

1. Focus on one thing

It is essential to note that all the big successful apps focus on one thing and they perform that one feature pretty good. It is very essential to keep uniqueness and originality as the core of any app. the app must be loaded with visuals and must offers good UIUX; in a summarized way you can say that the app must be well designed.

2. In-built networking

A successful app always allows the user to engage more and more people. This simply means that the app can easily go viral if the user like it. Take for example WhatsApp; people keep introducing the app to other users. Thus it is better to build an app with an in-built mechanism of potentially increasing the network.

3. Multi-platform

Undoubtedly iPhones introduced us to the world of apps Howard Wilson Jersey , but nobody can deny the fact that Android still rules the charts when it comes to app market and smartphone users. A successful app always runs in Android platform and other platforms as well.

4. Small markets

Design apps that can easily reach smaller markets such as Asia or Latin America. This simply means that the cost per install must be decided keeping in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of users who belong to the smaller markets and who can constitute a huge percentage of the volume of app installs.

5. Free at first

The movie tickets get sold when the trailers are good. Similarly an app gets huge installs when they are introduced in market for free. Nothing to worry as only a part or a version of the app is free to use and after a while the app company can charge for every install.


App development is not as easy as walking in the park. The business needs to think differently. Even after doing every possible thing, an app can fail to survive the tough competition. Thus there are few things that need to be checked time and again: proper promotions Larry Ogunjobi Jersey , feedback analysis, issue handling DeShone Kizer Jersey , error rectification, traffic measurement and content revision.

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