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WASHINGTON nike epic react uk , March 25 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's recent announcement of his intention to run for president underscored the major role foreign policy will play in the 2016 race to the White House.

Cruz, a conservative Republican, on Monday became the first Republican candidate to formally announce his decision to run. In a nationally televised speech, the Tea Party backed senator upbraided the current administration for its perceived missteps in the foreign policy realm.

While Cruz has virtually no chance of gaining his party's nomination to face likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, his emphasis on U.S. foreign policy foreshadows a race in which foreign policy will be a top issue, experts said.

"We have two factors at play -- the rapid rise of IS (Islamic State) and what could be a highly controversial nuclear deal with Iran nike air maestro ii uk ," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said of the terror group that has overrun vast swaths of Syria and Iraq, as well as the nuclear deal with Iran that Republicans and other critics are likely to blast as too soft on Iran.

"These two things are driving national security higher on the agenda for the average voter," O'Connell said.

"Will foreign policy trump economic concerns? No. But I don't think it will take a back seat like it has in the past," he added.

In a speech at Liberty University that emphasized where he believes U.S. foreign policy has gone wrong under the current administration led by President Barack Obama, Cruz said: "Imagine a president who says, 'We will stand up and defeat radical Islamic terrorism -- and we will call it by its name.'"

Cruz was referring to Obama's ongoing and bizarre refusal to link radical Islam to the threat of IS nike air scream uk , instead using a hodgepodge of terminology to beat around the bush, such as the terms "extremism" and "radicalism."

His words echoed the sentiments of not only many Republicans but of other critics who blast Obama for dismissing IS as amateurs until the problem boiled over.

The focus on foreign policy may spell trouble for Clinton, as critics will view the likely candidate as tainted by the White House's perceived foreign policy blunders and lack of foresight, carried out by what critics call a particularly weak foreign policy team with no real strategic thinker on board.

IS poses a major problem for the United States, which aims to keep terrorism in check a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. The militants' territorial gains have Washington worried that its ultimate nightmare could come true -- that the group could carve out a haven in Iraq or Syria and use it as a staging ground for attacks against the U.S. nike zoom fly uk , much like al-Qaida did in Afghanistan.

The IS threat is unlikely to disappear overnight, and Clinton's opponents will argue that she, as secretary of state, might have helped stop the militants before they gained traction, had she and the administration kept their eyes on Iraq.

While Clinton racked up nearly a million miles in the air and visited dozens of countries as secretary of state, Republicans will likely blast her for playing it safe and not having solved any of the world's troubles.

"Republicans are going to turn around and say 'that's not an accomplishment nike air force 270 uk , that's just you earning frequent flyer miles," O'Connell said.

BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua) -- The IOC evaluation commission will visit Beijing from March 24 to 28 before a final decision is scheduled to be made at the IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur on July 31. Which city will be selected between Beijing and Almaty of Kazakhstan? For Beijing, the host city of 2008 Olympics, what's its advantages that can help it win the bid?


The Beijing's 2008 Summer Olympics is a great success and also a great promotion for the Olympic Movement. The Olympics is staged in the world's most populous country, which alone can be counted as a remarkable achievement in the Olympics chronicle. The organization of the 2008 Games is persuasive and impressive for IOC to give its credit and confidence to the city once again.

The Beijing Olympics 2008 is tagged with "exclusive" in IOC's closing ceremony comments. What makes Beijing's chance tangible is last year's Youth Olympics in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province nike air footscape uk , where IOC president Thomas Bach and his colleagues had personally felt the Chinese enthusiasm for sports and the reliability of Chinese government in guaranteeing a successful sports tournament.

China's Lu Shengrong, former world badminton chief and IOC member for 1996-2001, is confident of Beijing's race for its second Olympics.

"I am optimistic," Lu said. "Beijing has an advantage, or experience, that any other cities don't."

Lu stressed the "smoothest communication and cooperation between the host city and the IOC in the Olympic history" during Beijing's preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics.


The 2008 Olympics leave Beijing not only the experience nike flyknit trainer uk , but abundant facilities, which makes Beijing's preparation for the expected 2022 Winter Olympics already half done. As the capital city, Beijing's infrastructure, transportation, accommodation are more than capable of catering to the 2022 Olympics. For the stadia left from 2008 Olympics, including the Water Cube swimming center and the national indoor stadium nike air more uptempo uk , they can serve as 2022 venues and can meet most of the demands for ice sports, like figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, curling etc. Beijing needs to build only one new stadium for speed skating.

The facility reutilization and budget saving is in comply with the IOC 2020 Agenda, which emphasizes budget control and Olympics relics. IOC President Thomas Bach had said that Beijing's vision complied with IOC's reforms after Beijing handed over its official bid.

Former NBA player Yao Ming nike vandal high uk , a promotion ambassador of the 2022

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