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The club sent the same questions

The club sent the same questions

Everton have sent a survey to season-ticket holders and club members asking them to rate Sam Allardyce’s ability to “get the best out of the team” on a scale of zero to 10.

The question about the team Vince Biegel Youth jersey manager is part of a wide-ranging survey designed to shape the club’s engagement strategy with supporters. A questionnaire has been emailed to members of the fans’ panel seeking opinions on the direction of the club, match-day experience, the team and the senior management at Goodison Park.

On Allardyce supporters are asked to rate his performance on the basis of: “I have a high level of trust in the current manager and coaching staff of Everton eg, in making the right decisions to get the best out of the team.” Ratings range from zero – “completely disagree” – to 10 – “completely agree”.

The survey also asks fans to rate their trust in Everton players “being loyal and performing at their best” and the club’s leadership in “making the right decisions for the club’s future”. Belief in the direction of the club, whether or not Everton are portrayed fairly by the media and how strongly fans feel connected to the club are additional questions.

Everton have endured a dreadful season having embarked on the biggest spending spree in their history last summer and, while the club’s reversal predates Allardyce’s appointment in November, Ronald Koeman’s successor as manager has attracted fierce LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey criticism. Allardyce was again barracked by Evertonians during the 1-1 draw at Swansea City on Saturday and, despite planning for next season and being under contract until 2019, doubt surrounds his position at Goodison.

The club sent the same questions to the panel at the end of last season in response to the Premier League reducing the range of questions in their fans’ survey. Everton intend to use the results to shape communication with supporters on what emerges as the most important issues at the club.

He put Gaëtan Bong in trouble, the left-back was tackled by Victor Wanyama and, when the ball broke, Son Heung-min tried to run round Lewis Dunk on the byline. Son did not look to have the room but he benefited from the spin of the ball, which Jimmy Hayes Jersey remained on the right side of the Michael Roberts Womens Jersey line, and the alarm bells sounded when Kane swooped. He crashed home from close range.

Brighton’s response was impressive. José Izquierdo got away from Serge Aurier inside the box following Murray’s touch and the Tottenham right-back’s attempt to rectify the situation was clumsy. Izquierdo felt the contact and went down. Gross’s penalty was too powerful for Hugo Lloris.

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