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It was inevitable.

Patrick Sharp's NHL career was likely coming to a close at the end of the season and nobody wanted to admit it, especially not himself.

But when No. 10 hit the ice for pregame warmups in the final home game sporting an "A" on his red sweater like old times, it was evident.

it became even more apparent., which, oh by the way,And when the United Center video board showed his entrance out of the tunnel and stayed panned on him as he skated a few laps before the starters were introduced, he was a part of and announced last

Then came the third period.

a video montage titled "Thank You Sharpy" aired before Sharp acknowledged a sold-out crowd of 22,During the final TV timeout of the game,Womens Harrison Smith Jersey,218 - the largest of the season - and teared up while doing so.

Joel Quenneville and the coaching staff and skated a victory lap.,Womens Sam Bradford Jersey, Sharp's teammates forced him to skate to center ice by himself, where he saluted the fans one final time,Womens Stefon Diggs Jersey,After the final buzzer,Womens Brandin Cooks Jersey, shook the hands of a few St. Louis Blues players

It was the perfect way to go out.

"It was a tough game out there, and the guys standing out on the ice and making me do a lap was something I'll always remember. It was a special night."," said Sharp, tough to concentrate with what was going on inside my head, which was really special, whose parents came to town for this. "But, thankful that I was able to do that and the Hawks put that video on for me in the third

Sharp confirmed after the game that this will be his last season in the NHL, a decision he was trying to delay for as long as he could.

you know?" Sharp said. "But I think I'm just ready to take that next step in my life,"I think I've known what I wanted to do for a long period of time here and it's never easy, and looking forward to it."

Sharp is one of three Blackhawks - along with Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook - to have been around during both the dark ages and the renaissance of winning three Stanley Cups.

" Sharp said. "All of the games, to be honest with you.", obviously winning the Stanley Cup the third time on home ice was cool. Just generally speaking,Authentic Harrison Smith Jersey,"Lot of good memories,Authentic Sam Bradford Jersey, from 2005 until now,Authentic Stefon Diggs Jersey, how far we've come as an organization and as a team. All the great players I've played with. I'm lucky to be part of it

and you think about the championships that he was a significant part of and the contribution he made to the team and how he was respected in the locker room,Authentic Brandin Cooks Jersey,Said Joel Quenneville: "You look back and you think about today's game, and his leadership and one of the guys [that] was a big part of the success we had.

"It was one of those nights when you think about all the good situation he had here in Chicago and his family grew up here,Womens Drew Brees Jersey, a lot of good things happened. He was a big part of the community as well. So I wasn't thinking more so about today as opposed to what he has accomplished for us. It was good reflecting back. His career here was special."

As far as what's next, Authentic Drew Brees Jersey,Sharp said he'll take the next couple of months after the season off to enjoy some time away from hockey and continue living in Chicago: "I'm not going anywhere."

The plan for Sharp was always to move back to Chicago when it was all said and done, even if he didn't re-sign here last offseason.

But the fact that he did made it even more special, giving one of the best Blackhawks a proper send-off.

"You never want to come to grips with it to be honest with you," Sharp admitted. "But that's probably one of the reasons I came back. Chicago's my home and it's my family's home. We mentioned that when we left the first time. I'm grateful that I was able to come back and play this year. I know it hasn't been the season that we've all wanted but it really does mean a lot to me."

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