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Which quarterback in this year’s draft class is the most ready to play in the NFL right away? Sam Darnold? Baker Mayfield? Josh Rosen?

John O’Korn. At least according to John O’Korn.,No

O’Korn, says that playing for Jim Harbaugh prepared him for the NFL better than any other quarterback has been prepared., who managed just two touchdown passes and six interceptions as a part-time starter last year at Michigan

I think I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft just as far as terminology, and knowing what to do on a day-to-day basis, game-planning,Authentic Cam Newton Jersey,” O’Korn said. “I was part of the game-plan meetings with coach Harbaugh,Womens Luke Kuechly Jersey, coach [Pep] Hamilton,Womens Mitchell Trubiskyn Jersey, the whole staff,Authentic Mitchell Trubiskyn Jersey, all last fall,Authentic Jordan Howard Jersey,“Honestly, coach [Tim] Drevno, so just on a day-to-day basis what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, I think I would choose myself over any other guy in this draft in that regard.”

but he understands that he’s just going to be a guy fighting for a roster spot in the months ahead.,That might make O’Korn sound delusional

“That’s all I really can ask for,Authentic Walter Payton Jersey, ” O’Korn said. “Whether I get drafted or picked up as an undrafted free agent,Womens Cam Newton Jersey, but I’m going to come in,Authentic Luke Kuechly Jersey,that’s really not up to me,Womens Jordan Howard Jersey, I’m going to work and I’m going to be the best at whatever they expect me to do.”

Perhaps O’Korn means to say that he’s the most ready to be an NFL scout team quarterback, but it might get him the chance he’s looking for., Womens Walter Payton Jersey,the most ready to be a camp arm who can give an NFL team good reps in training camp. That doesn’t necessarily make him worth a seventh-round draft pick

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