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PITTSBURGH (AP) -- The question comes up in every meeting Jordan Whitehead has with NFL teams considering drafting the talented if enigmatic Pittsburgh safety, bench press or highlight-reel play., one that could have as much of an impact on where Whitehead begins his pro career as any 40-yard dash

What was the deal with your suspension last fall?

Whitehead missed the first three games of his junior season in 2017 for violating team rules and Pitt went 1-2 without their best player in the secondary. The specifics of the suspension were never disclosed and Whitehead returned to finish with 60 tackles, where he had 24 touches last season, an interception and a fumble recovery. He can run the 40 in 4.5 seconds and is plenty comfortable on offense

they're also curious about the 21-year-old's character. And they didn't shy away from the subject during last month's NFL combine.,While teams are happy to talk to him about his potential

''They definitely did bring it up, like a man and they understand I learned from it and I won't make that mistake again.'','' Whitehead said after participating in Pitt's Pro Day on Wednesday. ''I tell them what happened. I handled it like I was supposed to

Whitehead points to surrounding himself with ''good people.'' Still,Asked if he's made any changes over the last nine months, one that Whitehead understands is due in part to his misstep., he's well aware the questions are going to linger until the draft. He's heard his name mentioned in every round from the second to the seventh. That's a massive range

'' Whitehead said. ''It hurts everybody that gets off the field issues. But I really think that moving forward,Womens John Ross Jersey,''It is going to hurt (my draft position), I tell the people,Authentic DeShone Kizer Jersey, it's not going to happen again. I let it go because it's not going to happen again.'', I tell the coaches everything that happened and I'm dead serious

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi downplayed the idea NFL teams should be concerned about Whitehead,Womens Jim Brown Jersey, super person.'',Womens Barry Sanders Jersey, calling him a ''super

There's little question about Whitehead's ability. He has the speed, an uptick from 21 at the combine. He knows he didn't have to lift again but wanted to show the 26 NFL teams that stopped by on Wednesday that he ''had a little bit more left in the tank.'', athleticism and versatility to fit in on both sides of the ball. He bench pressed 185 pounds 24 times on Wednesday

however,The questions,Authentic A.J. Green Jersey,  linger. Teammate Avonte Maddox, admitted teams have brought Whitehead's name up during Maddox's own sit-downs them., a four-year starter at cornerback for the Panthers who is likely a mid-round selection in the draft

'' Maddox said. ''But I always tell them he's a great player on the field,Womens A.J. Green Jersey,''They ask me about what's going on and this and that,Authentic John Ross Jersey,great person off the field. You won't get a lot of trouble out of Jordan. He puts in the extra effort,Womens DeShone Kizer Jersey, off the field he's not a trouble guy. He doesn't go running into trouble.'', extra film

Despite the concerns,Authentic Jim Brown Jersey, who called Whitehead ''ready'' for the NFL.,Authentic Barry Sanders Jersey, Whitehead said he hasn't had second thoughts about giving up his final year of eligibility to go pro. Neither has Narduzzi

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