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NEW YORK (AP) -- Mark Gastineau made an emotional plea to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to help him and former players who are dealing with what he claims are football-related health issues.

and believes the conditions are the result of brain trauma from playing in the NFL for 10 seasons.,Womens Joey Bosa Jersey, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease,Authentic Dalvin Cook Jersey,The former New York Jets star said during a radio interview on 710 WOR Radio in New York that aired Thursday night that he wants ailing players to be taken care of by the NFL. The 61-year-old Gastineau announced last year that he was diagnosed with dementia

"I want the NFL to treat people right," Gastineau said during the interview. "They've got to. They have to."

Gastineau said Goodell told him when they talked at a Jets game over a year ago that he should let him know if he needs anything.

"The Commissioner told me, Roger Goodell, let me know, he said, 'Listen, you know what? You need anything, Mark,'" Gastineau told host Pete McCarthy. "He was my ball boy. I treated him great. He told me. ... Hey,Womens Dan Fouts Jersey, treat people right."

An NFL spokesperson did not immediately respond to an email from The Associated Press seeking comment on Gastineau's statements.

Gastineau is the Jets' career sacks leader and was one of the NFL's most recognizable stars because of his entertaining dances after taking down quarterbacks for New York from 1979-88. He and Goodell have known each other since the early 1980s, when Goodell interned in the Jets' public relations department.

'Anything I need! I want the players to be treated right.","I want to hold you to your promise, Roger Goodell," Gastineau said. "You said

began to cry during the interview when he spoke of his daily struggles to get out of bed and remember people's names., who was joined by his wife JoAnn and lawyer Jason Luckasevic,Womens Allen Robinson Jersey,Gastineau

it's not good.,Womens Melvin Ingram Jersey,"My brain isn't the same,Womens Dalvin Cook Jersey," he said. "My wife, she and I used to go around and do yard work," Gastineau said while crying. "But you know what? She does everything now for me. ... It's not good

I did. But you know what? I was nothing. You know why? Because of what happened to me.","When I'm laying in bed until 3, 4 or 5 (p.m.), it's not good. There will be days I get up and I'm good. ... My wife will tell you,Authentic Joey Bosa Jersey, she helps me get out of bed ... and she'll help me remember names. I used to think I was all that

but approved it in October after eight months. She said the NFL sent a notice to Luckasevic 30 days later saying it was appealing the settlement again for Gastineau's Parkinson's diagnosis.,Gastineau,Authentic Dan Fouts Jersey, who said he routinely cracked his and other players' helmets during big hits in practices and games, dabbled in boxing after retiring from football and had 17 professional fights. He is a plaintiff in the concussion lawsuit against the NFL,Authentic Melvin Ingram Jersey, but has not received any money as a result. JoAnn Gastineau said NFL doctors questioned her husband's dementia diagnosis

they're wrong. I'm not telling them to give me zillions of dollars. I don't want zillions of dollars. I just want to be treated with respect."," Gastineau said. "The NFL is wrong,Authentic Allen Robinson Jersey,"The NFL is wrong

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