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AOL's New Model - Creator of Cheap Content

"Content really is a toddler on the Internet right now," says Tim Armstrong, a former Google executive. In March 2009 Tim Armstrong was named the chief executive of AOL. According to media analyst Ken Doctor, there is a huge change as to how people think about journalistic content creation now a days. He believes that five years down the line who so ever proves to be a winner, whether it's AOL or Yahoo or whoever is going to be very powerful.

Hence in order to prevail, AOL must create a lot of that content at as much of a low price as possible. Hence AOL has instituted many different sites with the primary aim of creating cheap content. There are some certain websites that pay up to $50 per news article to anyone who can reliably write sentences together to create reasonable quality content. This content would be fused in by AOL with its pricier professional content to generate significant web business.

However, even if AOL gets the content for next to nothing, still the AOL executives say that the content has to be good quality to be acceptable. According to the AOL executives this is necessary because search algorithms move back and forth of content that is qualitatively good enough in order to be popular. The higher the number of back links for a page with appropriate keyword or keyword phrases, the higher page would rise in the search rankings.
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