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It’s reasonable for 49ers fans to be eager to see quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

But the reaction to the way he finally got on the field was more than some 49ers players could stomach.

Via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area,Womens Aaron Rodgers Jersey, allowing Garoppolo to make his debut., several 49ers players were bothered by the fact some fans were cheering when quarterback C.J. Beathard was injured

” 49ers safety Eric Reid said. “And he’s laying down on the ground and people are cheering. That’s messed up.”,Authentic Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey,“People don’t understand what we through as football players and what our bodies go through

triggering the response.,Authentic Aaron Rodgers Jersey,Team athletic trainers were checking Beathard’s knee when Garoppolo began warming up

” linebacker Reuben Foster said. “Our fans are better than that. It’s a fact that our starting quarterback is down. And he’s been making plays. He’s been taking his body into a lot of things that a quarterback shouldn’t be getting into.,Womens Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey,“I was disappointed in them when they were cheering

“I have to wait and make sure my brother on the ground is [OK] before I cheer for Jimmy. I’m going to cheer for my brother when he gets off the ground because he’s all right. And then I’m going to cheer for Jimmy.”

Of course,Authentic Andrew Luck Jersey, there’s also the uncomfortable possibility that 49ers fans — or people in general — are not better than that,Womens Andrew Luck Jersey, and only want to see their temporal desires satisfied at the expense of the actual human beings who temporarily occupy their favorite colors. One or the other. Thanksgiving’s over,Authentic T.Y. Hilton Jersey, after all. Buy some new stuff. I’m sure souls and quarterbacks are available online somewhere.

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