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Phones Make Expense Reporting Easy and Sage

The life of a professional is muddled with boring paperwork. Often they find themselves filling out forms instead of working on more principal tasks. This is especially the case with traveling professionals - receipts and expense reporting paperwork stack up in their briefcases and brains, distracting them from the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, expense reporting is the norm for any business. The headaches and frustration of expense reporting are no longer part of that, thanks to the arrival of expense related smart phone applications. One phone takes the place of stacks of paperwork, broken pencils, and tedium.

One such expense tracking application that I reviewed is ProOnGo Expense. ProOnGo, a relatively new expense tracking app, allows your employees to get the boring business of paperwork out of the way quickly and with no effort. All you need is a smart phone. The app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile, so ProOnGo is available for everyone, no matter what their platform. Start with a cost-free trial, then choose between four assorted pricing plans. These make ProOnGo convenient and affordable for large businesses, smaller businesses, and individuals too. After all, everyone could use a convenient fix for expense reporting.

Here's how it works: Take a picture of a receipt, and ProOnGo does the rest. The amount, place, and date are entered for you. Then, send off your expense to your manager for approval. The manager can then approve, deny, or add comments. It's as simple as that. This process is basically true of all the expense reporting apps I looked at.

ProOnGo is not just straight expense reporting. There are more features as well. A cool time-tracking feature keeps track of the time you spend with clients. And the time you spend with clients is the time you can bill to clients. Also, ProOnGo has a mileage recording feature. You can either manually enter in the miles you've traversed or you can record it from the GPS on your phone. Trying to recall miles, gas prices, and the like no longer drives you bonkers.

ProOnGo syncs up with Sage through the Intuit App Center. You can directly upload your records to your Sage Online or Sage for Windows program. You can also upload them to an Excel spreadsheet. From your smart phone to your computer, now your reports are organized and at your fingertips.

Easy to understand, straightforward, and quick, ProOnGo proves itself to be the top-notch app for expense tracking and reporting. I would recommend this application to any professional who deals with expenses reporting and management and enjoys convenience.

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