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When the NBA season tips off on Tuesday night, we’ll have a good idea who will win the championship in June. Sorry to Oklahoma City, Houston, nobody else even has a tiny bit of a chance), San Antonio, Boston or Cleveland (and clearly, but the Golden State Warriors are going to win unless something weird happens.

That’s practically the opposite of the NFL right now.

or even one great team heading for a coronation. It will be entertaining to watch a fun Warriors club win it all. However,Some fans like it when a league has a few great teams, if you prefer parity, the NFL in 2017 is your league. Everything changes from week to week.

free agency,Authentic Amari Cooper Jersey,The term “parity” has been used ad nauseam to describe the NFL for decades now. It was commissioner Pete Rozelle’s dream and it has become a foundation of the league. The draft, revenue sharing and the salary cap have made sure teams from Green Bay can compete on an even playing field with teams from New York. Despite that,Authentic Marshawn Lynch Jersey, a few teams usually stand out. Who those teams are might change from year to year,Authentic Joe Montana Jersey, but a few always rise to the top. That might not happen this season.

nine of them were won straight up by the underdog. That included shocking upsets by the Bears,Of the 14 games in Week 6,Womens Jerry Rice Jersey, the Titans over the Colts in a game that was close throughout, Dolphins and Giants. Even big underdogs like the Jets and 49ers came close to winning. The favorite covered three point spreads: the Saints over the Lions,Womens Reuben Foster Jersey, and the Texans over the Browns (the Browns have never gotten the invitation to the parity party). There’s no sure thing in the NFL this season. Whatever conclusions you came to about various teams Sunday probably won’t carry over. That’s not bad, necessarily.

Gregg Rosenthal of pointed out, and absolutely no favorite., 25 teams either lead their division or are within one loss of the division leader. And we’re more than a third of the way through the season. The beauty of the NFL is that most teams’ fans are still engaged. Almost every team has some hope. Far more teams have at least a small shot of winning a Super Bowl than ever before at this point in a season. There are many good teams

The NFL’s extreme parity this season leaves us without even one great team, you’ll be looking for a while.,Authentic Reuben Foster Jersey, at least to this point. That’s not a knock on the league. It’s great for the NFL’s product that so many teams are competitive. Every game has intrigue. But if you’re looking for your Golden State Warriors of this NFL season

Falcons,Many thought the Patriots would be that dominant team (I definitely did; the Patriots’ ongoing mediocrity is baffling) but they haven’t been great yet. Neither have the Steelers, Raiders,Womens Joe Montana Jersey,  Cowboys, Seahawks or any other team that was considered a contender before the season. The Packers looked like they could reach that level, but then Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone. So much for that.

except the Browns. The 49ers are 0-6, and should have beat the Falcons if not for some dropped passes in the end. Nobody is that bad.,Womens Amari Cooper Jersey, but they have lost their past five games by 13 combined points. The Giants were getting slammed all last week after an 0-5 start,Womens Marshawn Lynch Jersey,and they beat a tough Broncos team in Denver. The Chargers were 0-4,Every team in the NFL is competent,Authentic Jerry Rice Jersey, but they’ve won two straight road games. Everyone says the Bears are awful,Authentic Sean Taylor Jersey, but they have wins over the Steelers and Ravens

of course, the Browns. And even the Browns lost by only three points to a Steelers team that just won a road game at the Chiefs,Womens Sean Taylor Jersey,There are no pseudo bye weeks against Rutgers or Kansas in the NFL. Don’t bemoan the lack of a great team without acknowledging that the “bad” teams in the league are still good – except, who were the last undefeated team in the NFL.

This is the NFL in 2017. It’s no more predictable than a spin of the roulette wheel.

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