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playing under the one year franchise tag

It seems to be very fractured. And it reminds me of like, kids with really rich parents who complain. Well what do you mean? But he got a car when he turned 16. I got to wait til I m 17? Antonio Brown s whining about  not getting the ball. No one in football s gotten the ball as a wide receiver more than him over the last few years. And the Steelers responded to him whining about not getting ball by targeting him 19 times which is the most anyone s been targeted in football this year.

Le Veon Bell. I need to get the ball more. Le Veon Bell on a per game basis over the last few years has touched the ball more than any player in the league. And oh Yeah, this year he s on pace for his career high in carries. Like these guys Le Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are the last guys that should be complaining about touching the football. But I think Le Veon and saw Ramon Foster Jersey, well when AB complained they threw to him 19 times.

But wait, wait is that why they threw to him 19 times? Did the Steelers throw to AB 19 times because he complained and he knocked over a water bottle on the sideline? Or was that in place from the beginning? Was that, that was the game plan going into it.

Because if it wasn t and he complained and that s what happened. Now you ve got yourself a problem in that locker room.

No. Todd Haley can t be bullied. You can t make Todd Haley call plays. Antonio Brown has been targeted I think the last four years, more than any other receiver.


So typically when they start the game they are throwing the ball to him. The undertone to this is Jenna, it s about money all right. After we get done with the show we typically have a little meeting. We break things down all right.

We have anxiety about certain things. We want to change certain things. But knowing that we have long term stability, it allows us to breathe and be able to come the next day to be able to do this show. But just imagine if we were working on a one year deal. We would have more anxiety. It would be like Nick would be like, I m not talking enough. I m not getting my segments in.

Well, you know that s not true.

Jen would be like, you know my bumps, my leads and everything. I need more time because the pressure to do well because you re under a contract that you re being judged by. It s hard to have a big game when you don t get the football. So this is not about winning. This is about money.

Like if I don t get the ball and if I don t get my yards he already said he wouldn t even be happy being the highest paid running back. He wanted to be paid like a wide receiver slash running back because the top five wide receivers make more than the top five running backs. So this is about money. It s caused a rift within the team. And Antonio Brown, be careful, number 13 the little kid with the yellow hair, he s not playing. But the other diva receiver is in Pittsburgh. He tries to hide it but he has a lot of diva tendencies.

And Antonio , if people don t know, Antonio got his money. He s the highest paid receiver in football.


Le Veon Bell wanted a new contract. Didn t get the contract, is playing under the one year franchise tag which is not what he wants. And I do not believe Le Veon Bell is publicly complaining about touches if he got a new contract.

Heck no, because I already got my money.

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