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NFL Power Rankings: Carolina Panthers take a fall in Week 4

In the least surprising news youíll read today, the Carolina Panthers saw a pretty significant drop in the NFLís power rankings. Yahoo is sill the most bullish on the Panthers, having them at 17th , but our other sources have the Panthers firmly in the bottom third of the league, after getting drubbed 34-13 by one of the worst defenses in the NFL, itís not really a surprise to see the Panthers fall down the list. On the bright side, they do have a chance to move back up, since weíre only in Week 4.Here are this weekís power rankingsSB Nation 23. Carolina Panthers As much as I want to argue with this, I canít. The Panthers looked terrible against the Saints, and our hope should have taken a pretty significant hit with the next few games on the schedule looming over us like a dark cloud.*Yahoo!17. Carolina Panthers The Panthers did nothing on offense against a Saints defense that was allowing a 141.4 passer rating before Sunday Thatís alarming. Cam Newton still hasnít looked right, after his offseason shoulder surgery. Greg Olsen is a huge loss. At least the Panthers finally got Christian McCaffrey involved more, but the offense as a whole is lost right now.Yahoo seems to think the Panthers are better than other sources, because they have them ranked the highest. Dropping seven spots is brutal, but at least thereís one expert out there who still believes in us, right?ESPN22. Carolina Panthers2017 record 2-1 Week 3 ranking No. 13Cam Newton 25.6 Total QBR. In his past 16 games, Newton has thrown 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions and completed 54 percent of his passes. If he doesn't shape up, the Panthers could be in trouble, as four of their next five are on the road.Iím not a fan of QBR but I will say that as dreadful as the Panthers looked on Sunday I canít argue too much with dropping them down to 22nd overall. I donít like it, but they looked really bad last week Carolina Panthers Turning point in Sunday's loss to the Saints the coin flip. Seriously, though, the Panthers played one of their worst games in the Ron Rivera era, or, at least, in the series with the Saints. Carolina was forced to play catch-up all day, as the defense couldn't impose its will on an offensive line sans multiple starters, while coordinator Mike Shula's offense shifted between neutral and reverse for most of the afternoon. Key series Down 27-13 midway through the fourth quarter, following a screen pass for Christian McCaffrey for a first down, Cam Newton forced a throw over the middle and into the arms of Kenny Vaccaro. Ballgame.Again, itís tough to argue against this ranking. Hopefully the Panthers can find a way to turn their fortunes around, because if they canít weíre in for a really rough stretch over the next three weeks.

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