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One thing the NHL has gotten right -- and really set the template for with other leagues -- is the replay.

to the coach's challenge,adidas Vincent Trocheck jersey, to the angles,Authentic Vincent Trocheck jersey,From the mandatory reviews, to off-side,adidas Jordan Eberle jersey, there's very little to quibble with. Goals count that ought to count. Goals don't count that ought not to count.

Which brings us to the NBA. I don't quite understand in this modern day of technology how the Toronto Raptors didn't get to overtime,adidas Ryan Nugent-Hopkins jersey, and how the game officials overturned a tying basket because in their mind the clock should have started -- what? One-10th of one second earlier -- and Terrence Ross couldn't possibly have made the shot if had started on time.

Now,Authentic Connor McDavid jersey, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. It's not like I believe the NBA or the officials are against the Canadian team. That's just a bad rule that was poorly executed. Strikes me the easiest and most sensible fix would have been to start the play over again. It was only 2.4 seconds.

with the other leagues consulting with the NHL, even sitting in with the Toronto replay headquarters to get a feel for how this things were done,Authentic Jordan Eberle jersey,The NHL was really on the forefront of replay technology, adidas Connor McDavid jersey,then adapting replay for their own use.

the only rule I quibble with are goals on the off-side that get called back. I haven't seen too many of them. I don't mind calling back an off-side goal scored within a few seconds of the illegal entry. But once the defending team has had time to get all five defenders in place -- say 10 seconds,Authentic Ryan Nugent-Hopkins jersey, which is a long time on skates -- perhaps the off-side should be forgiven. Amnesty for the infraction,adidas Aaron Ekblad jersey,On the NHL front,Authentic Aaron Ekblad jersey, if you will.

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