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A rule change for the upcoming season could (hopefully) lead to a serious reduction in the number of offside challenges from coaches.

a failed offside coach's challenge for will result in a two-minute penalty against the team that called the review. This was first reported by Elliotte Friedman. Previously a failed challenge would result only in the loss of a timeout. A penalty by itself is a much more severe punishment especially given that this could result in a two-goal swing.,adidas Jonathan Quick jersey,For the 2017-18 season

they would then face an immediate power play.,authentic Dustin Brown jersey,Consider if a team challenged a goal scored against them and lost. Not only would they have given up a goal

this distinction makes sense.,adidas Jaromir Jagr jersey,This rule will only apply to offside challenges and not goalie interference challenges which will still result in the loss of a timeout. Since offside is a much more clear rule than the always confusing goalie interference

the league seems to think the rule is working. General managers decided during their meetings in March that there was no reason to change the offside challenge and Gary Bettman defended the rule right before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final which saw the very first goal from P.K. Subban overturned.,adidas Drew Doughty jersey,The NHL is trying to increase scoring and the pace of the game. An offside challenge does the opposite. It stops the game in its tracks and takes goals off the board. Yet

So why make this change if the challenge is apparently working so well? Perhaps another upcoming rule change had something to do with it.

Starting this season,authentic Anze Kopitar jersey, teams will no longer be able to take a timeout after icing the puck. Unlike in football where coaches can strategically manage the clock or in basketball where timeouts are handed out like candy,adidas Anze Kopitar jersey, it cannot change lines which can be a major advantage later in games. Coaches will use their timeouts in order to give their players a quick breather since they can't sub out.,authentic Jaromir Jagr jersey, timeouts are rarely used in hockey. Each team only gets one and the vast majority of timeouts are called after an icing. When a team ices the puck

If teams can no longer use timeouts after an icing, at that point they really only have one major purpose: challenges. Sure,authentic Drew Doughty jersey, the NHL is not going to let this happen.,adidas Dustin Brown jersey, coaches can still use them at any other point in a game,authentic Jonathan Quick jersey, but realistically they would primarily be saved for challenges which would result in even more stoppages in play. Mercifully

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