Character Art Exchange recently published their lists of the top 20 centres, defenceman and 10 best goalies. Not a single player on the Vancouver Canucks appeared on any of the lists., wingers

second line centre Ryan Kesler and the league’s best goaltending duo of Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider.,It doesn’t seem that long ago where the Vancouver Canucks featured a plethora of superstar players. It started with Daniel and Henrik Sedin

and virtually all fantasy hockey players were targeting Canucks players in their drafts.,authentic Jeff Carter jersey,Throw in wingers Alexandre Burrows and Mikael Samuelsson

But as indirectly reminded us, authentic Devan Dubnyk jersey,times have changed a lot over the years. Throughout the month of August, wingers and blueliners.,adidas Jeff Carter jersey, they published their top 10 goalie rankings while listing the 20 best centres

zero Canucks players found their names on either list.,adidas Zach Parise jersey,And as mentioned at the top

But as we talked about last week,authentic Ryan Suter jersey, Daniel at 211 and rookie Brock Boeser at 247th., only three players from Vancouver appeared on’s list of the top 250 fantasy players: Bo Horvat at 194

Unfortunately for the Canucks,adidas Shea Weber jersey, since this is only their first year of existence., they appear to be the NHL’s only team without a bonafide superstar. We’ll cut the Vegas Golden Knights a break

The Colorado Avalanche at least have Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog. The Buffalo Sabres have Jack Eichel and Ryan O’Reilly. The New Jersey Devils have Schneider and the Detroit Red Wings have Henrik Zetterberg.

But the Canucks? They’re hopeful that Horvat and Boeser can provide ample offence next season, otherwise there aren’t any stars on this team. The Sedin twins are way past their playing primes, adidas Ryan Suter jersey,Luongo and Schneider obviously got traded over the years., and aforementioned stars like Kesler

This is why it hurt the Canucks to fall down to fifth in the 2016 draft lottery,authentic Zach Parise jersey, where they missed out on the chance to draft Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine. The 2017 draft featured no generational prospects,adidas Devan Dubnyk jersey, there aren’t any “sure” superstars on the roster or in the pipeline.,authentic Shea Weber jersey, so the Canucks don’t really know what Elias Pettersson will bring to the table. As such

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