Character Art Exchange

*blows dust of everything*

Hi there, in case anyone's passing. :)

Whoa. The last... two and a half years and a bit I was getting used to having a full time job, and my creative output kinda tanked.

Getting back into writing after a 2 years mostly-break is weird, particularly since I seem to get ideas mostly for things that want to run longer than 300 words (Back wehn I started writing it was really mostly flashfics, and I have a goal of posting a mostly self-contained bit of fiction each week, and yeah.)

I really need to go through the references I left here and see if there are broken links, or new stories or images, or maybe even new characters.

How's everybody else doing?
Hey, Anke. I'm doing great, but I've had much the same experience you have: a new and very engrossing job wreaked havoc on my creative output XD For this exchange, I always fully intend to start my picture as soon as I get the email and then work on it in pieces over the month, but somehow I always end up doing the entire thing on the last weekend of the month. No wonder it usually sucks so bad XD Such is life, I suppose!
Yeah, procrastinating is a bad habit of mine. I am improving a bit over all.

Also improving on the creative output in general: This year is going to see me finish an image good enough to scan and post online every month of the year. Last time that hapened was 2008.

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