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Project Plug: Sketch Fest

I've been participating a couple of times, and thought this might interest people: Skech Fest is a monthly event during which people leave prompts, and any artist who's interested can use them as basis for sketches. The only rule is that you may not spend more than one hour per sketch. (If you upload the sketch, though, you can finish the image later and pload the finished version, too.)

It's heavily slanted towards fantasy themes. If you'd like some impetus to just sit down and draw, it's worth checking out. The next Sketch Fest is on the 10th June, next week Friday-Saturday.
This month Sketch Fest will take place on the 22nd to 23rd, noon to noon Alaska time.
There's another Sketch Fest this weekend, running 48 hours - noon Friday to noon Sunday, Alaskan time. (Over here in Europe that's 10pm Friday to 10pm Sunday)

The next one is planned for the 20th/21st, though it's not certain yet for how long it will run.
There's another Sketch Fest starting today (5 hours from now) - the 48 hours timespan was popular ans is the new norm.

Link is still
Next Sketch Fest will be Sept 18-20, same link

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