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Samar Nadra

Gender: female

TLDR Thematic Elements: sunset, forests, healing, lightning

Character type: RPG

Anima (power glow): sunset colors
Iconic anima (big power glow): sunset colored lightning storm

Clothing style: She likes flowy clothes, but recognizes the value of pants for combat and running away quickly. Often seen in something Chinese or (South Asian) Indian seeming, though she will wear whatever tickles her fancy.

Primary virtue: Compassion
Lowest virtue: Conviction

Power set: Medicine, crafting, investigation, sorcery, thaumaturgy (sorcery lite), lore, dodge, presence (seeming impressive), performance, appearance, shaman (negotiating with spirits of varying sorts), martial arts

Weaknesses: Combat, anything requiring brawn, paperwork (bureaucracy), forgetting she outranks most spirits now

More images here: Samar's DA folder
Character belongs to quanafi