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Helmine is a very bitter person; having been abandoned by his father (or so she thinks!) at the age of four and raised by a nearly autistic mother who only took a week to find another man to warm her bed, she left a pissant town only to join the army and end up in what one might call an accidental sniper school.

She hates his father and generally doesn't do much other than find odd jobs (her last honest job was as junior tyrant in an orphanage where she forbade kids to do certain things yet encouraged them to do so; her dishonest work includes assassinations).

She's an armchair philosopher and intellectual who thinks she's smarter than most people (correct) but would never deal with honest-to-goodness scholars because she thinks they're idiots (read: they're smarter than her and she knows it). As of late, she has been wandering about and has found gates to other worlds, where there is usually mayhem to be found.

Helmine also has no people skills aside from how to teach kids to fend for themselves. Most people she just brushes off.

Physical description

Helmine is fit but of little cleavage despite a healthy layer of fat. With grey hair and green eyes and pale skin (akin to a certain OTHER Fox in all those regards), she looks out of place in most places.

Like said other Fox, she's a half-elf, though a second generation one; hence, pointy ears. She wears a perpetual look of annoyance, and is usually as rude as one can be when polite.

Usually wears loose-fitting clothes and appears somewhat tomboyish due to her build (and behaviour); a greatcoat and a breastplate with assorted clothings of grey and greyish blue are standard fare.

Also carries a magitech rifle, which has not been drawn properly by character's own-- slave and is entirely optional.
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