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Eyra, Vinnu - by Stareyes

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Eyra and Vinnu are trappers of a rare and exotic animal -- Vinnu bashes their heads in and Eyra prepares the skins for sale. Here you see Eyra going over the skin of one after a hard day's work, while Vinnu rests. He's probably awake enough to be on guard in case trouble comes, but Eyra isn't a slouch at defending himself.

I actually used photo references for this. Problem is, I used me, when both Eyra and Vinnu are male and non-human. Eyra at least is about my height. Vinnu is 7 feet of pure muscle. But the poses, especially Eyra's crouch, were difficult enough I wanted a live model, even one that wasn't that well suited.

I also got to play with lighting. Setting the background dark really helped -- a lot of times the colors that looked best were the ones that had to be tweaked darker form the ones I first picked.

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