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How could I get my money back from Cash app if hacked?

Cash app doesn’t get hacked here easily. But, if you share your account details with someone or leave your account login in another device, then chances get increased for account hacking. If any amount deducted from your account, then you could get my money back from Cash app automatically.
I can't believe the number of games you have in there because it's a whole lot! I'm so excited that granny 2 is finally getting a free release from you guys. Having the two granny chase you in the sequel truly is a horrifying experience. Having this new game release shows some really great additions to the game. I will take the time to check out the rest of the list since I'm craving for some good games right now. I hope that you keep on doing this especially on uploading free games. This is nice since I can get the games for free!

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