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Sand machine wear block business to analyze the use of the impeller

Our sand-making machine wear-resistant block business specializes in the production of large-scale Sand Making Machine wear-resistant blocks (scraping head) at home and abroad, throwing heads, sand-making machine throwing heads, and adopting specific characteristics for the high-speed impact of sand making machine stone materials. Formulation and process to ensure the impact resistance of the product, the wear resistance of the product is maximized. The service life of each alloy can reach 40-150 hours depending on the stone and alloy grade.
The sand machine impeller is mounted on the shaft head at the upper end of the main bearing, and the purpose of transferring the button pitch is achieved by the conical sleeve and the key connection. The material enters the center of the impeller at the high speed by the feeder at the upper part of the impeller. The cloth cone at the center of the impeller will The material is evenly distributed to each of the launching channels of the impeller, and the material rotates with the centrifugal force of the impeller. The impeller accelerates the material out of the exit of the launching channel, and the material has a velocity that is ejected and the material lining in the vortex breaking chamber is strongly natural. Impact collision, the exit flow of the launching channel has wear-resistant block protection equipment, and the replacement is convenient. The impeller, the cone cap and the wear block have the upper and lower flow channel plates of the diverting material, and at the same time protect the impeller from the impact wear of the material.
Before the equipment stops running, it should be noted that the feeding should be stopped before stopping the discharging equipment. The feeding should be kept uniform and the specifications of the materials should strictly comply with the requirements. Otherwise, the impeller can be easily worn. When we use the product, we still have to Pay attention to the maintenance of the impeller and let our Sand Making Machine use longer.

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