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I hope Maple never releases a new serve

Fresh and New Server? Hi so im wondering when I need to return back to the game. I havent played in years.but I dont just want to begin on a server with rich maxed level gamers. Im looking to level and compete with players that don't have several years of gametime. Headstart out of me. I am aware of additional sidescroller mmos that release new servers every few months or so which is what I enjoy as it retains fresh players on a somewhat reasonable level. Does this happen with this game, is it rare as it does?

I am aware that it's your personal preference however, maple is not the kind of sport to be competing with other (random) players around. Their experience in different servers could likewise set them at such an advantage over really new players that it wouldn't be a competition. It divides the players too much and using a game like maple, where you can't see how many men and women exist on that world, it just makes it that much harder for new players to choose where to go. GMS needed to combine many servers because of the and they don't have as many as KMS.

I hope Maple never releases a new server. There is, though, a different kind of server in KMS that might arrive at GMS relatively soon. Iirc it'll start just like a normal new server significance everyone generating new chars. If you would like to stick around, learn the sport, and wait for "reboot world" to come out then you'll be able to achieve the wisdom of the game required to marginally compete when it comes out there. Aside from that, your very best choice is to find friends who've just started and race together.

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