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Perform Skill in Fortnite

"What happened to being outdoors? You ought to only go outside and just play. These days are all gone. I am attempting to bring back them with my guys."

Then again, coaches are pragmatic: It might beat the choice. "I'd rather they're playing with video games than doing different things," Durkin said.

The Way to use Fortnite's Port-a-Forts to support a winning playstyle

In the world of Fortnite there really aren't that many items that have a really distinctive function. There are of course multiple damage dealing weapons, most of which have several variants, many techniques to cure and add shields and the three types of building materials. But currently the Port-a-Fort is the sole thing that will build you a construction pretty much instantly.

On paper that sounds extremely useful, and at times it may be, but more times than not we see them being used to frighten squadmates rather than for any strategic reason. With a single Port-a-Fort taking up an entire stock slot this is rather easy to justify, but even so the chances provided by the massive fort you can have inside a second frequently outweigh the price. We have spent hours playing with the Port-a-Fort trying to obtain the ideal way to utilize it, and that's what we have learnt.

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