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Differences and links between crushing equipment and sand processing equipment in crushing

The difference and connection between the primary jaw crusher and the sand processing equipment: Both of them break the bulk material into small pieces, but the objects of the ore dressing equipment are various ores, coke, and the degree of crushing of the minerals is higher. The working object of the sand treatment equipment is the foundry sand block, which only requires the large sand block to be broken into sand grains, and at the same time, the sand particles are required to be broken as little as possible. Therefore, the two have great differences in the degree of crushing force and the degree of impact of minerals. Before the appearance of the old sand vibrating crusher, the sand block was mainly crushed by the shovel type, roller type, cone type and other equipment transplanted from the mining equipment. Only the partially granulated old sand can be reused, and most of the sand grains are damaged. Broken into powder, lost the shape function. In the mid-1970s, in the United Kingdom, West Germany developed a vibrating crusher that uses vibration to break up sand blocks. The emergence of a vibrating crusher solves the problem of broken sand grains that are difficult to achieve in the long-term casting process. The best crushing method in the industry. After the improvement and development in the 1980s and 1990s, it has formed a multi-functional integrated equipment such as vibration crushing, separation of iron impurities, screening and tantalite mining, and preliminary regeneration. In many respects, sand treatment equipment draws on the experience of mineral processing equipment. For example, the vibration crusher has many similarities with the vibrating screen. The excitation source is used to obtain energy for the material, and the friction between the materials is achieved by the collision between the materials. The drum crusher in the beneficiation is modified and applied to the sand treatment. The equipment is the twisting roller crusher. They take the material to a certain height by the lifting plate on the inner side of the cylinder, so that it falls on its own, and the material is crushed by collision and collision. As can be seen from the above examples, the beneficiation equipment and the sand treatment equipment are very similar in structure, and the ore dressing equipment is developed earlier, so the sand treatment equipment is introduced and improved by the corresponding beneficiation equipment.
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